Board members meet monthly
on the first Wednesday of every month



general membership meeting – january 29, 2017
  1. Meeting called to order by Eli at 12:26pm
  2. Introduction of Board Members Present
    1. Eli Olind – President Elect
    2. Marcia Cantrell – Certification Coordinator
    3. Billie Manning – Treasurer
    4. Leah Anderson – Secretary
    5. Crystal Sharp – Website / Facebook Chair
    6. Anni O’Hara – Continuing Education Committee
    7. Serena McElroy – Membership Committee
  3. Budget Report
    1. Checking account:  $30,593.74
  4. Legislative Update:
    1. Legislation has been tabled until 2019.
    2. Plan is to continue working on the task list with the veterinarians
    3. Using Washington and Texas’s current legislation to help draft ours
    4. Goal is to have everything set up by 2018 and then spend the year educating.
    5. Regional meetings to begin again in April or May with sponsorship by MWI and Elanco.
      1. MVMA is willing to help keep the dates up on their website so veterinarians know about them as well.
    6. Member question:  What will be the regulation on hospitals listing people as technicians on their website when they are not certified?
      1. Response:  The MT veterinary board will be the regulating body once the bill passes, until then there is no regulation.
    7. Member question:  What is the current standing on the grandfather clause?
      1. Response:  Currently the AAVSB says MT is a non regulated state and they will not open the grandfather clause for us until we become regulated.  If the bill passes in 2019 the plan is we will become regulated and will be able to reopen the grandfather clause stating that a person must work for 5 consecutive years in Montana as a technician and then they will have 3 years from the passing of the bill to sit for the VTNE and then if they pass it they can then become certified.
    8. Member question:  Is there a limit to number of times test can be taken?
      1. Response:  Not currently, but it is expensive to take.
    9. Public Education Committee
      1. Getting together packets for members to attend various fairs, career days, etc. to hand out to educate the public on what a vet tech is and what we do and what the legislation is.
      2. Handing out brochures to regional vet tech schools to let them know we have job opportunities available in the state.
    10. Capital tours will be available again with Stuart Doggett in March to have people learn more about the process of how a bill gets passes – please reach out if you would like to attend this.
  5. Newsletter update
    1. The next newsletter will be coming out by the end of February in both digital and hard copy for the last time to everyone, soon it will become a member only benefit.
    2. Hopefully a survey of people’s preference of digital vs. print will be in the works soon.
    3. If you have any ideas for content, digital vs. print ideas please let Leah know.
  6. Election of Director 2 Position
    1. Members voted; Eli Olind, Marcia Cantrell, and Leah Anderson counted votes.
    2. Kristen Bailey 13 votes, Christina Platt 7 votes
    3. Kristen was notified of her position by Eli once votes were read.
  7. Committees
    1. Legislation
      1. See above for the latest happenings
    2. CE
      1. Anni gave update to members that to put on a CE event it costs $4,000 to $5,000 with the costs of the speaker, travel expenses for them, room for the event, and printing costs.  She gave this update because there have been questions regarding why the cost of registration has gone up.
      2. The board is working on continuing to get sponsorships for the events as well.
    3. Newsletter
      1. See above for information
    4. Website / Facebook
    5. Budget
    6. Public Education
    7. Membership Committee
  8. Surveys were handed out to all in attendance and everyone replied
    1. The surveys will also go out to all BSVTA members via an email
    2. The board will compile results and it will be taken into account for our next CE events.
  9. Upcoming Board Positions Up for Election
    1. Be on the lookout on the website, newsletter, mailings for upcoming positions
  10. Meeting adjourned at 1:02pm


General Membership Meeting – June 25, 2016
  1.  Meeting called to order by Candice at 12:36pm
    1.   31 members in attendance
  2. Treasurer Report
    1.   CD #1:  $5,947.22
    2.   CD #2:  $5,056.04
    3.   Checking Account:  $21,601.06 as of May 31, 2016.
  3.   Candice asked for non-members in attendance to sign up if they wanted to have voting privileges and then a discussion of benefits of being a member was discussed.  There were no sign-ups at this time.
  4.   Candice discussed open positions
    1.   Director position
      1.   Read job description from proposed by-laws
      2.   Advised membership that nominations for this position are open until September 30th.  Nominations will be sent to Candice.
    2.   CE Committee
      1.   Gave brief overview of what it takes and costs to run a CE event and asked for people to step up and help with this committee
      2.   There was a discussion about each member asking their clinic reps for support for our events when we hold them
    3.   Public Education Committee – discussed by Marcia
      1.   Jean Dixon is the chair; Kimber and Roxie are current members
      2.   Goal is to showcase the role of veterinary technician as a educated member of the team
      3.   Within the year, the hope is the committee will be large enough to have public presentations at county fairs, career fairs, pet expos across the state
    4.   Newsletter Committee – discussed by Leah
      1.   Numerous nods from those in attendance to having seen the newsletter both in clinic and personal addresses for members
      2.   Membership requested a digital version in hopes to aid with cost saving options
        1.   A Madison Dietz spoke up and offered help with getting a digital version going – possibly through a program called ‘Constant Contact’
      3.   In regards to email communication, it seemed to be hit or miss if members received them
        1.   Billie reminded members if there are name changes or contact info changes it is imperative to let any of the Board members know to get the information updated
  5.   Logo Update
    1.   Candice gave a brief description on why the Board felt an update was needed
    2.   Billie reminded the Board that if / when we get back to the jackets that it costs about $300 to get our logo updated into their system
    3.   Voting occurred
      1.   After the meeting Leah, Annie, Marcia, and Eli were all present at the counting of the votes
      2.    LOGO PICTURES
      3.   The winner is the one circled above, along with votes indicating all letters in grey will be blue in color.  This won with 15 votes
  6.   By-laws Update
    1.   Each table had a copy of the by-laws for review to share
    2.   Candice gave an update on why the Board felt the Bylaws needed to be updated – confusing and lackluster on information provided as the main reasons
    3.   The membership questioned the number of hours that can be obtained online – membership felt that at least half of the required hours should be able to come from online, not just 4
      1.   Marcia proposed a motion to vote on the by-laws with the change of 4 to 8 hours to RACE approved online CE hours allowed for certification, seconded by Eli.  Motion moved forward and membership voted.
  7.   Legislation Update – Mainly given by Marcia, supplemented by Eli
    1.   Question posed to membership – Anyone not familiar with legislation proposal?  No one responded.
    2.   The 1st draft of the proposed bill has been reviewed by the MVMA Vet Tech Committee and they are currently reviewing the task list – they have a deadline of Tuesday’s meeting to finalize comments.  The proposed draft will then go back to the draft writer with the changes.  Once that is done, we are ready to have the draft introduced in the 2017 legislative session
    3.   The Association has the personal support of every member of the State Board of Veterinarians – unable to officially give us their approval due to governor involvement.  Not going to wait for the official approval when we know that they personally back us
      1.   There have been a few vets on the State Board that in the beginning were against the bill, and now they are fully supportive
    4.   A member requested that once everything is finalized from the draft writer that our proposed bill get posted on our website – only will do if approval from MVMA committee occurs
    5.   Numerous questions regarding grandfather clause – Marcia clarified that only when the legislation passes, then the grandfather clause will kick in; meaning that for 2 years anyone with 6 years of consecutive clinical experience may be eligible to sit for the VTNE and they must get a passing score to then be considered licensed (LVT).
  8.   New Business
    1.   Eli gave update on PIMA school
      1.   This pas Friday there were 10 or 11 students who graduated from the first part of the program – Certified Vet Assistants.  All of them plan on moving on to the CVT portion of the program (rare for PIMA programs to have all grads move on)
      2.   PIMA is holding an open house on June 29th
    2.   A brief survey of attendees regarding if a 2 day CE event would be warranted – one day lecture, one day wet lab.  Numerous nods in the crowd.  Excitement over the idea that they would be able to get all CE requirements in one weekend.
  9.   Meeting adjourned by Candice at 1:18pm


General membership meeting – January 23, 2016
  1.    Meeting called to order by Eli Olind – President Elect at 12:35pm
    1.   Sign-in sheet was sent around – 22 people in attendance, 18 CVT, 2 VT, 2 assistants, 16 BSVTA members
  2.   Treasurer Report
    1.   Checking as of 12/31/16:  $24,375.50
    2.   CD #1  $5,940.84
    3.   CD #2  $5,050.61
  3.   By-laws update and handout
    1.   Marcia had handouts for members – difference between CVT, RVT, LVT, and NAVTA model
    2.   Very rough draft of by-laws distributed for opinions
    3.   Please attend regional meetings to discuss by-laws further
  4.   Legislation update
    1.   All in attendance make their own list of CVT vs. Assistant tasks on note cards to hand in
    2.   Marcia spoke about advancing profession by getting CVT’s licensed
      1.   Currently a volunteer state, trying to get back to being licensed
      2.   MT used to be a licensed state and over time the licensing was “sunseted”
      3.   Legislation goes every two years, next one is January 2017
      4.   The vets in MT appear to be in favor of having licensed techs based on the survey MVMA sent out
      5.   Currently trying to find out what we want to have the vet tech portion of the act to say
      6.   Keep an eye on website for updates and email system is up and running again
      7.   If anybody passes to be licensed by the state board, the grandfather clause could be reinstated for a designated amount of time to allow vets to send their techs with no diploma to take VTNE so they can still practice the same.
    3.   June summer CE meeting June 25th  – stay tuned for details
    4.   Volunteers requested to aid with the CE committee for June
    5.   Volunteers requested for help with the legislative movement
  5.   Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm