Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting | October 19, 2018
  • Treasurer Report
    • $28,500 in Checking, and $5,000 in CD
  • Legislation Update: Marcia Cantrell
    • Currently working on getting the final draft done.  Will be hosting another round of regional meetings in November so be on the lookout for times and locations.    The Next Veterinary Board Meeting in Helena will be on Oct 26th.  This meeting is open to everyone.  The Veterinary Board will possibly be making a decision about support of the bill.
  • Director 3 position creation: Eli
    • Motioned by Trisha Stone and seconded by Eli Olind
    • Brought up for a preliminary vote to create the director 3 position.  It was passed unanimously by the members to add in the director 3 positions in the BSVTA constitution and By-Laws, and doing a mass communication out to the BSVTA membership and Veterinary Hospitals for nominations for this position and a special election to be held at a later date.  The first person to be voted into this position will need to be a member of the association.  With the creation of this new position it will also remove associate membership title and change it so everyone is an active member and has voting rights in the association.
    • Nominations and Voting: Eli, Dixie, and Annie
    • Positions up for election were presented, and voted on.  The positions were Treasurer, Secretary, Director 2, and Certification Coordinator.
      • By unanimous vote by active members Treasurer goes to Dixie Mack.
      • By unanimous vote by active members Cert Cord goes to Marcia Cantrell.
      • By unanimous vote by active members Secretary goes to Leah Anderson.
      • For the director 2 position the winner of the election was Shandell Sando.  We are waiting to hear if she accepts the position.  Kristen Baily came in second and will be offered the position if Shandell does not accept.
  • Call for CE interest top:
  • Topics brought up were exotics and wildlife medicine
  • A reminder was made to everyone that membership and certifications dues are all due by December 31st
  • Meeting adjourned by Eli Olind
General Membership Meeting | January 27, 2018
  1. Treasurer report
    1. BSVTA Checking Account: $25,122.50
  1. Legislation Update
    1. One or more board members attend the Montana State Veterinary Board Meetings
      1. An update on the legislation process is given to the Board
      2. The State Board overall supports the legislative movement that the BSVTA is pursuing
    2. Review of the grandfather clause aspect of the proposed legislation was given (for more details see BSVTA website legislative section).
    3. Marcia (Legislative Committee Chair) requests members to ask the DVMs at their practices to write letters stating support of this legislation as well as client support letters. These can be emailed to
    4. Regional meetings will be held again this year-be on the lookout for dates
  1. Public Relations Update
    1. Newsletter
      1. 100% digital and is only being sent to membership. First one sent out yesterday.
        1. A few members said they did receive it
      2. Website
        1. BSVTA has employed a website guru to maintain and upkeep the website
        2. There have been glitches with contacting Board members via website, but they should be corrected so please let us know if there is still difficulty
  1. Committees
    1. Please note that all committees are available for members to help. If you have interest in any area, please reach out to the committee chair for tasks they may need help with. The website will soon have a full description of each committee and contact information for people to reach out if they are interested in helping.
    2. Public Relations. Committee Chair: Leah
      1. Website
      2. Newsletter
    3. Public Education. Board Committee Chair: Marcia
      1. Dedicated to going out to job fairs, county and state fairs, etc. to educate the public about what veterinary technicians do on a daily basis
      2. If you have pictures of veterinary technicians doing their day to day jobs, please email them to
    4. Committee Chair: Marcia
      1. Dedicated to pursuing the licensure of veterinary technicians in the state of Montana
    5. Continuing Education. Committee Chair: Anni O’
      1. Dedicated to hosting 2 CE events for membership each calendar year
  1. New Business
    1. None presented
  2. Meeting adjourned
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*Board members meet on a monthly basis. For more information, please contact Leah

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