Board members meet monthly
on the first Wednesday of every month


general membership meeting – October 14, 2017
  1. Treasurer Report
    1. CD #1: $5970.25
    2. CD#2: $5078.04
    3. Checking Account: $25,726.52
  1. Elections/Announcement of newly elected positions
    1. President Elect: Shawni Hanson
    2. Secretary: Leah Anderson
    3. Treasurer: Dixie Mack
    4. Certification Coordinator: Marcia Cantrell
    5. Director 1: Billie Manning
  1. Legislative Update
    1. Regional Meetings were held this Spring to gather ideas and formulate a task list that differentiates between what a licensed individual can do vs. support staff.
    2. After long discussions the movement has progressed to making the task list “rule” that the Veterinary State Board would set instead of putting that into Statute. This would make it much easier to amend as needed for various reasons. However, the law would define licensed individuals and that one must look to the rule set forth by the MT State Vet Board to determine what is allowed under each supervision level.
    3. The BSVTA board is happy to report that at the beginning of this endeavor the MT State Vet Board had reservations about this; however we now have full support of the board as we move forward. This is incredibly positive for the entire process.
    4. The next MT State Vet Board meeting is November 3 at 10am. The BSVTA Legislative committee will be meeting at IHOP in Helena at 8am. If anyone would like to attend as well, please email
    5. Remember, the grandfather clause is still planning on being reopened if this passes. Please review prior updates for details on that or email for further questions.
  1. Committee Reports
    1. Public Education
      1. Jean Dixon is the current chair
      2. The committee has completed the power point to show at fairs, but they still need photos
        1. Please send to
      3. Public Relations
        1. The BSVTA board has done some internal reorganizing and has created the Public Relations Committee. This committee is chaired by the BSVTA Secretary. The pieces of this committee are the website, newsletter, Facebook/social media, as well as any other PR related items.
        2. The board has hired a web editor to help us continue to bring the website up to date with current information as well as make it more user friendly. Please email any errors found or suggestions to
  2. The Secretary apologizes to the membership for the delay in getting a newsletter out this Summer/Fall. The newsletter will be going strictly digital and the process is lengthy. Please have patience, but again send any newsletter ideas to
  3. CE Committee
    1. After many years of incredible work, Anni O’Hara would like to step down as CE chair. She has done wonderful work for our Association so please let her know how much you appreciate the fantastic CE events she has put together for us. Anni does promise to stay on the committee for 2 years to continue to help as needed.
    2. If you, or someone you know, would be great at event planning please email Anni directly at
  4. Budget Committee
    1. No updates, other than the election of a new treasurer.
  5. Membership Committee
    1. No updates.
  6. Next CE will be the digital radiology and ultrasound that we did this past summer, however it will be in conjunction with the MVMA at their Billings meeting next June. Please mark your calendars and let your Vets know!

Meeting Adjourned.

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