Unfortunately, the BSVTA ran out of time to finish the bill for the ‘veterinary technician licensing’ for the 2017 legislative session.  What does this mean?  It means that we have most of the hard work done, and can now start the fine tuning process!  We understand that there are still many questions about this bill in general.  If you have any questions, please contact Marica via  bsvta2017LVT@gmail.com.

Click here to view the UNOFFICIAL bill draft | October 2018

Legislative Update | October 2018

A draft bill is in the works to present to the 2019 Legislative session which begins January 2019. The bill proposes to open the Veterinary practice act to identify and define the Licensed Veterinary Technician apart from other “support personnel”.  It will also set up the scope of practice of Licensed Veterinary Technicians to “be determined by administrative rule”. This will be done by the Veterinary state board.  This will allow more flexibility in the development of tasks that can be performed by LVT’s as the profession progresses throughout the years. The bill sponsor is Rep. Alan Redfield from Livingston MT (if re-elected) or Sen. Mike Lang from Malta, MT (if Redfield is not re-elected). Below you will find talking points to discuss with those interested. If questions come up that are not addressed below, please note them and forward to BSVTA legislative committee to address and answer.

Legislative Update | September 2017

BSVTA along with the MVMA Veterinary Technician Committee is continuing to work on drafting a bill to present to the 2019 Montana Legislative session to license Veterinary Technicians under the Montana Board of Veterinarians.  We have held regional meetings across the state to educate and obtain feedback from those that will be impacted by this. There were a lot of the same concerns mentioned at all of the meetings:

  • Will there be enough Licensed techs for the demand, especially in rural areas
  • Will support personnel no longer be able to perform the duties they are now
  • Will the licensed tech be legally responsible for any support personnel that they are supervising

These are valid concerns and we hope to address all of them.  We will be working through this winter to finalize a bill and hope to again hold regional meetings early 2018 to inform and gain support for the bill.

Where we go from here:

  • MVMA Veterinary Technician Committee and the BSVTA Legislative Committee will meet, discuss the concerns and ideas presented at the regional meetings
  • Formulate a plan to move forward with the draft and discuss who to approach to sponsor the bill
  • Identify those that may oppose the bill and reach out to them to discuss their concerns.
  • Begin reaching out to the public at job fairs, county fairs, etc to educate them on what a veterinary technician does.

View future and past Board of Veterinary Medicine meeting agendas and minutes here.

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