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December 17, 2016


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Question (Q):

What is the difference and definitions of a certified, registered, and licensed veterinary technician?

Answer (A):

The NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America) has a web page dedicated to this very topic!

“Multiple titles can be very confusing for the public. In order to simplify this, we recommend the use of the term credentialed Veterinary Technician. We use the word credential not only to denote licensure and certification, but also to connote an affective element inherent in these terms.”   – NAVTA website



Question (Q):

Will current employees performing the tasks be able to do their job once the law passes?

Answer (A):

If the legislation passes to license veterinary technicians in the state of MT under the veterinary board, the AAVSB (body who puts on the national exam for technicians) will allow the state to reopen the grandfather clause (for a short period of time).  This will allow those currently not certified on the job trained personnel the ability to sit for the exam (as long as they meet the requirements set forth by the veterinary board, which will most likely be a predetermined number of years in clinic).



There have never been any complaints brought forth against technicians, so why the change?


There now have been complaints regarding technicians with no system in place to address these complaints.  The BSVTA is working towards finding out how many complaints have been brought forth.




The previous law was “sunsetted” in part because it was stated that the way the law was written was not designed to protect the public.


With the proposed task list (no task list had been defined in the previous law) public protection is the main purpose for implementing this legislation.

Before you click on the proposed task list, please read the definitions below;

Immediate supervision” means the supervising veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician is in the immediate area and within visual and audible range of the animal and the person treating the animal.

Direct supervision” means that the supervising veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician is on the premises with or in the same area as the animal and the person treating the animal and is quickly and easily available.

Indirect supervision” means the supervising veterinarian is not on the premises with the animal and the person treating the animal, but has given written or oral instructions for treatment of the animal.


Proposed task list

Last updated:   May 11, 2016



Will liability insurance increase if this passes?


The veterinarians already carry coverage that includes their staff-that would not change.  If anything, having technicians with greater credentialing serves to reduce risk compared to other hospitals that don’t employ credentialed technicians.



We will be working on updating our website with more information about the practice act and veterinary technician licensure in the future.

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