Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting | November 2, 2019:

  1. Introduction of board membership
    1. Anni, Leah, Eli, Shawni introduced
  2. Shawni Hansen-BSVTA new president spoke briefly about her interest in hearing from members as well as her excitement about being president for the Association.
  3. Legislation update:
    1. Brief update that the bill the BSVTA proposed was tabled in this year’s session. However, the Association is pushing forward to pursue it in the 2021 session. Throughout 2020 regional meetings will happen again with the focus this time being on educating the senators as well as the public. The best way for members to help the cause right now is to write a letter to their local senator or representative and educate the about what it means to be a technician and why it is important to you to become licensed.
  4. Executive Board Elections:
    1. President Elect-Eli Olind – Majority pass
    2. Secretary- Leah Anderson- Majority pass
    3. Treasurer-Dixie Mack-Majority Pass-Secretary-Majority Pass
    4. Certification Coordinator- Marcia Cantrell- Majority Pass
    5. Director 1-Becki Neibauer-Majority Pass
    6. Director 3- Danyale West- Majority Pass
  5. Membership and certification:
    1. If you are non-member talk with an executive board member today. We can get you signed up today!!
    2. If you have had a recent name change, please talk with an executive board member today.
    3. Make sure you are actually Certified. Please check the website.  We have run into issues of people not completing all of the paper work, but think they have. If you are not listed on the website under Current CVT then we do not have complete information for you and you are NOT considered a current CVT.
    4. Just because you are certified does not automatically make you a member and vice a versa. The Association does not require membership to be a Certified Tech. Membership is voluntary. Applications for membership will be going out at the end of the year. Certification renewals are NOT due this year, but will be due next year with proof of 16 hours of CE.
    5. Board asked what members would like to see the Association do and received no feedback from group. However, the group was advised to reach out to any Executive Board member with their ideas.
    6. What would individuals who are current non-members like to see that would make them more apt to join the BSVTA? This was posed as a question to the group and again received no immediate response, but encouraged people to reach out if they had a response for this.
    7. When signing up for CE if you sign up online, please pay online also, and if doing by paper please send a check with. It becomes a very complicated process making sure that everything matches.
  6. The group thanked Donna for her wonderful presentation and for coming all this way to teach about Small Animal Anesthesia.
  7. Meeting adjourned.

General Membership Meeting | June 22, 2019

  1. Treasurer Report: Checking account as of 2/19/19 $36,406.93
  2. Officer Nominations
    1. Voted on in October
    2. Director 3, Director 1, Secretary, Treasurer, President Elect, Certification Coordinator
    3. Can nominate self, or co-workers.
    4. History of Association: 5 years ago the board at the time was ready to dissolve, but a few people stood up and stepped in for the board and since then meetings have been monthly for the board, multiple CE events per year.
    5. Job duties can be found in the by-laws on the website.
  3. Legislative
    1. Since 2014 we have been focusing on getting licensure in the state of Montana.
    2. Our bill went to the agriculture committee in the house and we had numerous speakers all with different backgrounds. Voted 91 in favor- 9 against. So it moved on. They did request amendments for it to move forward.
    3. Then it went to the senate committee. Very different environment. The chairman is against regulation at all costs so they voted to table our bill. Only 3 committee members voted to keep our bill going. They tabled the bill with the comparison of Montana doesn’t regulate mechanics so why regulate technicians.
    4. Our strategy for the next session is to go to the labor and industry committee.
    5. If you know any senators, representatives, etc. Please have a conversation with them about what we do and how important this is for our field. See if your doctors will allow you to invite the representatives to your practice and let them watch what we do so they get first hand experience.
    6. If anyone needs more information, please reach out to Marcia or Eli to get your questions answered.
    7. The largest misconception is that veterinarians are going to HAVE to hire a certified technician, which is not what the goal is. It is expanding what certified/licensed can do. The goal is to open the pathways for the technicians who were on the job trained as well to further their career if they so choose.
    8. Whoever is our bill sponsor moving forward is, they need to be forward thinking.
    9. We have had letters from potential technicians who were going to move to the state and because the licensure did not pass they have written the association saying they are choosing to no longer move here.
    10. Regional Meetings will probably begin again in the Spring of 2020.
    11. Side note: Once the legislation goes through there will then be a full year of rule making with the board.
    12. Marcia will send out a mass email with the list of holdovers as well as the naysayers from before.
  4. Next continuing education October.
    1. Anesthesia is topic
    2. Bozeman or Butte are location options
    3. Be on the lookout for the details
  5. New business
    1. None

Meeting Adjourned.

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*Board members meet on a monthly basis. For more information, please contact Leah

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