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Things to keep in mind as a CVT in Montana

It has been brought the BSVTA Executive Board’s attention that there are CVTs credentialed by the BSVTA that have already started using the title LVT.


  1. You cannot call yourself a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) until you have gone through the licensure process that will be put in place by the Montana State Veterinary Board starting January 1, 2023.  Until an individual has passed the Licensure Exam put in place by the Vet Board and has received their Licensure number given by the Vet Board you cannot use the Title LVT.  It is unprofessional conduct to do so.
  2. You must go through the Licensure process set forth by the State Vet Board to obtain your License & call yourself a Licensed Veterinary Technician. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  3. The only individuals who can use the term LVT, RVT, or LVMT are ones who are also credentialed by a state that uses those titles.
  4. As of right now we are still CVTs in Montana credentialed through the BSVTA.
  5. Montana Certification (CVT) will expire 12/31/2022.  You will be required to fill out a certification application and provide your certificates of attendance to 16 hours of CE by 12/31/2022 (no CE required if you were newly certified in 2022). This will extend your certification to 6/30/2023 to allow you time to apply and receive your license (LVT) under the Montana Veterinary Board of Medicine.   
  6. There will be no charge for this extension.
  7. After 6/30/2023 there will no longer be Certified Veterinary Technicians

Please watch for email communications and Facebook posts to keep updated on where things currently are.  If you have any questions, please send them to bsvta2017lvt@gmail.com


Eli Olind, CVT


Lauren Beck CVT, VTS (dentistry) leads the talented team at Montana Pet Dentistry & Oral Surgery in Bozeman, Montana. That team includes board-certified veterinary dentist Dr. Tony Woodward and his second-year resident Dr. Charles Felz. After working with Dr. Woodward for 7 years and gaining more than a decade of experience as a certified veterinary technician, Lauren decided to specialize her work by pursuing a VTS in dentistry. That certification involved a rigorous two and half years of logging cases, researching, writing case reports, studying and two major exams. Lauren and her colleagues will soon start a dentistry and anesthesia training program for veterinarians and technicians who want to hone their own dental skills once the new practice in Bozeman, Montana is complete. For more information, call 406-599-4789.

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